Child Support in Connecticut: FAQs, Part III

25 May

11. Are there any Child Support Publications available?

  • Child Support and Arrearage Guidelinesavailable for free in court clerk’s offices and Court Service Centers in the Judicial District Courthouses, or call 1-800-228-KIDS or by email.
  • A Child Needs Emotional and Financial Support of Both Parents – available in English and Spanish at the offices of Support Enforcement Services.
  • How to Change Your Child Support Order – available in hard copy at all Support Enforcement Services offices, Judicial Court Clerk offices, Court Services Centers, Public Information Desks, Judicial Law Libraries.

12. My employee is subject to Income Withholding. What does that mean for me as the employer?

Employer Information
Child support is often collected through income withholding orders and is paid by the non-custodial parent’s employer out of the parent’s wages. Income subject to withholding may include:

  • Wages/salary/paychecks
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Retirement benefits     

Employer Responsibilities
After an employer receives an income withholding order, the employer must:

  • Withhold money from income or wages as required by the court order.
  • Send payments within seven days of withholding the money from the employee’s wages or earnings to the State Disbursement Unit as indicated on the Withholding Order for Support (JD-FM-1).
  • Continue to withhold and send payments until you are notified by the court or a state agency that the withholding order is suspended or changed.
  • Honor multiple withholding orders for the same employee the fullest extent possible. The state will allocate the payment as appropriate.

13. What if there is an Income Withholding Order from another state?

  • As of January 1, 1998, Connecticut employers must honor Income Withholdings from other states in the same manner as if a Connecticut court issued them.
  • Upon receipt of an income withholding from another state, the employer must give the employee a copy of the income withholding order and a copy of the claim form.
  • The employer must implement the withholding order regardless of a claim made by the employee through the use of the claim form.

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