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Shared Family Parenting Conclusions: What is Beneficial to Children

            Co-parenting after separation presents many challenges. It is not easy to put your children’s needs ahead of your own often intense feelings and fears. Referring to the  following parenting tips from time to time may help you master successful co-parenting.

  •  Communicate with each other in a courteous “businesslike” manner.
  • Are on time and have children ready at exchange time.
  • Avoid any communication that may lead to conflict at exchange time.
  • Encourage the children to carry “important” items such as clothing, toys and security blankets with them between the parents’ homes.
  • Follow reasonably similar routines for mealtime, bedtime and homework time.
  • Communicate about rules and discipline in order to handle them in similar ways.
  • Support contact with grandparents and other extended family so the children do not experience a sense of loss.
  • Are flexible in developing parenting plans to accommodate their child’s extracurricular activities and special family celebrations.
  • Make time to spend alone with their children when the parent has a new partner.
  • Are with their children during scheduled times and communicate with their children when they cannot be with them.
  • Respect the other parent’s scheduled times with children and do not schedule plans that will conflict.
  • Discuss any proposed schedule changes directly with the other parent.
  • Support the child’s relationship with the other parent and trust the other’s parenting skills.
  • Assure the children that they did not cause the divorce and that they do not have the power to reverse the process.

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