Child Protection Mediation, Part III

17 Aug

How is a Case Referred?

  •  Cases may be referred at any time in the case after it is filed
  • A case may be referred in court, at a case management conference, or at a case status conference


The Process Includes:

  •  Completing the intake process with a Court Services Officer
  • Obtaining the Judge’s approval


The Intake/Referral Process Includes:

  •  Completing the intake/referral form
  • Selecting a mediation team
  • Signing an agreement to participate in mediation and a confidentiality agreement
  • Scheduling a date to return to court


What Happens After the Mediation Session?

 If the parties reach an agreement, the parties put the agreement in writing. The agreement is then reviewed in court by the judge and, if approved, made part of the decision of the case. If the parties do not reach an agreement, they go back to court for the court to handle.

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