Common Divorce Terms, Part I

11 Sep

Alimony: Money a court requires one spouse to pay the other spouse for support before and/or after the divorce is granted. If you do not ask for alimony at the final hearing, you can never get it in the future.

 Annulment: A court order declaring that the marriage is invalid.

Arrearages: Money for court ordered alimony and/or child support which is overdue and unpaid.

 Automatic Court Orders: Court orders that take effect when the divorce process begins.

 Broken Down Irretrievably: The most common reason for granting a divorce. It means there is no hope of the husband and wife reconciling.

 Child Support: Money paid by a parent to help meet the financial needs of a child.

 Complaint: A legal paper that starts your case and tells the court what you want.

 Custody: A court order deciding where a child will live and how decisions about the child will be made. Parents may ask for any custody arrangement that they believe is in the best interest of their child.

 Defendant: The person who is served with divorce papers.

 Dissolution: The legal end of a marriage, also called a divorce.

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