Common Divorce Terms, Part II

12 Sep

Docket Number: A unique number the court clerk assigns to a case. It must be used on all future papers filed in the court case.

 Filing: Giving the court clerk your legal papers.

 Financial Affidavit: A sworn statement of income, expenses, property (called assets) and debts (called liabilities).

 Income Withholding Folder: A court order to deduct child support or alimony payments from someone’s income.

 Judgment File: A permanent court record of the court’s final decision.

 Legal Separation: A court order describing the conditions under which two married people will live separately.

 No-Fault Divorce: The most common kind of divorce, where no one needs to prove that the husband or wife caused the marriage to end.

 Parties: The people who are named as plaintiff and defendant on legal papers.

 Paternity: Legal fatherhood.

 Pendente Lite Order: A court order made before a divorce is granted.

 Plaintiff: The person who starts the divorce.

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