Common Divorce Terms, Part III

13 Sep

Pro Se: For yourself.

 Pro Se Divorce: Do it yourself divorce.

 Restraining Order: A court order to protect someone from physical abuse or the threat of physical abuse.

 Return Date: The date when the divorce action starts in court and when the 90 day waiting period for a divorce begins. Also, the defendant should file an appearance on or before the second day after the Return Date. Nothing happens in court on the Return Date and no one needs to go to court on the Return Date. The Return Date is always a Tuesday.

 Service: The legal method for giving your spouse a copy of the court papers being filed, or notice that court action is being taken or has been taken.

 Visitation: A court order deciding the amount of time a noncustodial parent may spend with his or her child; also called parenting time, or access.

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