Process of Divorce Case Management: Part II

24 Oct

When filling out the Case Management Agreement, you will need to think about the following questions: Do you agree with your spouse on all the issues? If not, how will you try to reach agreement? Use the Case Management Agreement to describe the steps you will take to try to reach agreement. Could a mediator (including a court family relations counselor) or a special family master (a volunteer attorney) help you reach agreement? Do you need more information from your spouse before reaching agreement? Asking for more information is called “discovery.” You may use the form to show what information you and your spouse need and when you will give or receive it.

 If your case is uncontested, you may choose a divorce hearing date depending on the court’s schedule. If you are not sure what date to pick, ask the court clerk or the caseflow coordinator. In some court locations, it is possible to have your final divorce hearing on your Case Management Date. Check with the court clerk or caseflow coordinator in your court. If your spouse has not filed an appearance form, you must give him or her reasonable notice of the date of the hearing.

 If you are not sure about how to fill out the Case Management Agreement, contact the Court Service Center, caseflow coordinator or court clerk for your court location or go to court on the Case Management Date.

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