The 90 Day Waiting Period: Education Support Orders and Health Insurance for Your Child

01 Nov

Educational Support Orders

 Either parent may make a motion asking the court to order educational support for a child to attend an institution of higher education or a private occupational school for up to 4 academic years or until the child reaches 23 years of age, whichever is sooner. If no educational support order is entered at the time of your divorce, and your divorce decree does not specifically provide that a motion for educational support may be filed later, no educational support order may be entered afterwards.

 Health Insurance for Your Child

 Medical and dental insurance can be just as important to your child as financial support from the other parent. Usually, at least one parent must have health insurance for your child if it is available at a reasonable cost.

 The judge or family support magistrate will decide how any uninsured medical and dental expenses will be shared if you and your spouse cannot reach agreement.

 There is a state health insurance program for children called the HUSKY Plan (Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth). The court may order you to apply for the HUSKY Plan for your child(ren) if other insurance is not available to you or your spouse at a reasonable cost. You may also apply for the HUSKY Plan on your own. For more information call toll-free 1-877-CT HUSKY or visit

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