The 90 Day Waiting Period: Parenting Education Program and Paternity

02 Nov

Parenting Education Program

 You must take part in an approved parenting education program if you have minor children and are getting a divorce, unless the court decides differently. You must do this within 60 days of the Return Date on your Summons. The goal of the class is to explain how divorce affects children and how you and your spouse can help your child adjust to changes in your family life. You may ask to attend a different class than your spouse. Unless a judge finds that you cannot afford to pay the fee, each parent must pay $125 for the program.

 The fee is paid directly to the person or agency providing the program. The required form and pamphlet, including a list of approved program providers, are available at the court clerk’s office, at the Judicial Branch’s CSSD Family Services Office, at the Court Service Center and on the Judicial Branch website at If you cannot afford to pay the program fee, applications to waive (not pay) the program fee are also available.


 If there is a dispute about who the father of a child is, you may need to get a court order for a genetic test to help determine legal fatherhood.

 TIP: If you have minor children, you must take part in an approved parenting education program unless otherwise ordered by the court. If you do not go to a parenting education program your divorce may take longer.

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