Finalizing Your Uncontested Divorce: Filling Out the Court Documents, Part III

09 Nov
  •  Fill out an Affidavit Concerning Children (JD-FM-164).
  • Fill out a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (CCSG-1, JD-FM-220).
  • Fill out an Advisement of Rights Re: Income Withholding (JD-FM-71).
  • Fill out an Affidavit Concerning Military Service (JDFM-178) if the defendant has not filed an Appearance form.
  • Send a copy of all the completed forms to your spouse or your spouse’s attorney.
  • Fill out a Dissolution of Marriage Report (JD-FM-181) or a Dissolution of Civil Union Report (JD-FM-181A). Fill in Part 1 only and give it to the court at the final hearing. This form is for the court’s use only.
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