The Judgment Form

16 Nov

The court may not always make a written record of your divorce for you, in which case the plaintiff must fill out a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Judgment form (JD-FM-177) or a Dissolution of Civil Union Judgment form (JD-FM-177A) and file it with the court clerk’s office within 60 days of the divorce.

 If you are not sure about the exact court orders, you can look at the notes of the court hearing written in the file by the court clerk. Give the filled-out Judgment form to the court clerk. After the Judgment is signed, you can get a certified copy of it for your records for $25, or a non-certified copy for $15.

 If you only need written proof that you are divorced, you may ask for a Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage/Certificate of Change of Name (JD-CL-34) or a Certificate of Dissolution of Civil Union/Certificate of Change of Name (JD-CL-82) from the court clerk’s office. There is a $2 fee.

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