Enforcing Your Court Order

19 Nov

Most people are law abiding citizens and follow court orders.

 If your (ex-)spouse disobeys the court order (for example, the orders about custody, visitation, child support payments, health insurance, or selling property), you may ask the court to help enforce the order. You may first want to try to talk with your (ex-)spouse and work out the problem. You may also ask a family relations counselor at your local court to help you try to solve or mediate the problem.

 If you cannot work out the problem, you may file a written motion for contempt and ask a judge to enforce the court order. A motion is a request in writing. Contempt is a court decision that someone disobeyed a court order on purpose. There is a Motion for Contempt/Contempt Citation (JD-FM-173) form, which you can get from any Judicial District clerk’s office, Court Service Center, and on the Judicial Branch website at

 If your (ex-)spouse is disobeying the child support, health insurance or alimony part of the court order, you may ask for help from the state agency responsible for enforcing these court orders. The Support Enforcement Services Unit of the court can fill out and file a Motion for Contempt for you in Family Support Magistrate court. To apply for the state child support services call the Department of Social Services office nearest you or 1-800-228-5437.

 TIP: To apply for help enforcing a court order for child support, call the Department of Social Services office nearest you or 1-800-228- 5437.

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