Modifying/Changing Your Court Order

20 Nov

You may need to ask for a change of a court order because of substantial changes in your life or the life of your (ex-)spouse, or because of changes in what your child needs. You may want to change child support payments, or the parenting arrangements you have made with your (ex-)spouse for custody or visitation. Only a judge or a family support magistrate can change a court order. Even if you and your (ex-)spouse agree to the change, it is important to submit the agreement in writing to the court for it to be approved. Otherwise, the agreement may not be enforceable.

 Asking a judge or family support magistrate in writing to change something in the court order is called making a motion to modify. You may use the Motion for Modification (JD-FM-174) form. It is important to note that a motion to modify custody would be decided by a judge, not a family support magistrate.

 Ask the court staff about or resources which may be helpful and about the court fees involved.

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