Important Divorce Statutes and Court Rules

28 Nov


(General Statutes of Connecticut, Title 46b)

 Section 46b-40. Grounds for dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment “… (c) A decree of dissolution of a marriage … shall be granted upon a finding that one of the following causes has occurred:

(1) the marriage has broken down irretrievably; (2) the parties have lived apart by reason of incompatibility for a continuous period of at least the eighteen months immediately prior to the service of the complaint and that there is no reasonable prospect that they will be reconciled …”

 • Section 46b-44 Residency requirement.

• Section 46b-45 Service and filing of complaint.

• Section 46b-46 Notice to nonresident party. Jurisdiction over nonresident for alimony and support.

• Section 46b-51 Stipulation of parties and finding of irretrievable breakdown.

• Section 46b-53 Conciliation procedures; privileged communications.

• Section 46b-67 Waiting period. Effect of decree.


 Court Rules

(Connecticut Practice Book, Chapter 25)

 Chapter 25. Procedure in Family Matters

• Section 25-2 Complaints for Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union, Legal Separation, or Annulment

• Section 25-3 Action for Custody of Minor Child

• Section 25-5 Automatic Orders upon Service of Complaint or Application

• Section 25-7 Pleadings in General; Amendments to Complaint or Application

• Section 25-27 Motion for Contempt

• Section 25-28 Order of Notice

• Section 25-30 Statements to Be Filed

• Section 25-49 Definitions

• Section 25-50 Case Management

• Section 25-57 Affidavit Concerning Children

• Section 25-58 Reports of Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union and Annulment

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