Family Law/Divorce in Connecticut FAQs: Part V

20 Dec

9. What is “Family Services” (sometimes called “Family Relations”)?

The Family Services Office of the Judicial Branch’s Court Support Services Division (CSSD) is sometimes referred to as “Family Relations” in family court. The Family Services Office provides negotiation, mediation and evaluation services to help the court and clients resolve child custody/access and financial matters. Family Services staff also work in the criminal court with defendants who have been arrested for family violence and provide assessments and recommendations focusing on victim safety and risk reduction. A description of the services provided by CSSD is in the Family Services Programs brochure.

10. Is there a list of individuals qualified to be appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) or Attorney for a Minor Child (AMC) in a family case?

Below is a link to a list of individuals who have completed the training required by Practice Book Sections 25-62 & 25-62A and who are available to accept appointments from the court. Only a lawyer can be appointed as an Attorney for a Minor Child. The list displays an “X” in each court location for which the individual will take appointments. The “X” will be accompanied by an asterisk (*) in each court location for which the individual has been approved by, and is under contract with, the Division of Public Defender Services (DPDS) for payment by the state where a Judge or Family Support Magistrate orders state payment because of the financial circumstances of the parties. In the column entitled “Languages” you will find inserted any language(s) in which the individual reported having proficiency.

List of Individuals Qualified to be Appointed as Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

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