Family Law/Divorce in Connecticut FAQs: Part VI

21 Dec

11. Can I look up my family case online?
Usually, you can see a summary of your case online in the Civil/Family Case Look-up after it has been filed, although no papers filed in the case can be seen online.

With some exceptions (such as divorces, which stay on the website for about 10 years), cases stay on the website for a length of time that follows the schedule in Sections 7-10 and 7-11 of the Connecticut Practice Book.

However, federal law prohibits certain information about restraining orders from being put on a public website, so if you are involved in a restraining order case, you will not be able to see information about your case online.

12. What does it cost to file papers with the court?
There are different fees for different kinds of things that you might be filing with the court. The fees are listed in the Fee Schedule.

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