Family Services FAQs: Part 1

28 Dec

1. How do I get referred to Family Services?

  • Criminal Court: If you are arrested for family violence you will be interviewed by a Family Relations Counselor on your first court appearance following your arrest. If you are the victim of the family violence, on the defendant’s first court appearance, the Family Relations Counselor will make a referral for a Family Violence Victim Advocate to contact you. The Family Relations Counselor may also speak to you at that time.
  • Civil Court: Most services that are offered require a court order for referral after a Family Relations Counselor has conducted an intake interview.

2. Do I need to pay a fee if I have been referred to Family Services?
There are no fees associated with services that Family Services provides. However, there may be fees associated with programs that Family Services recommends that you attend.

  3.  Can I obtain information about my case online? 
Yes, at click on Civil/Criminal case look-up.

  • For criminal cases you can see your next court date
  • For civil cases you can see the name of motions filed and upcoming court dates.
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