Family Services FAQs: Part 5

07 Jan

13.  I am representing myself in family civil court; can I get general information about the process online? 

Yes, at click on the Self-Help link on the left. Then click on Representing Yourself. The website contains information on where to get assistance and answers to additional frequently asked questions. You can also click on the Publications Link under Self-Help and click on Family Publications for additional information.


14.  I have questions about divorce and custody. Can I contact a Family Services office for general information? 

Yes, you may contact a Family Services Office for help with your questions; however, the office cannot give legal advice. You can find your local Family Services’ Office by going to Click on the Directories on the left. Then click on Family Services.


15.  What does Family Services offer its clients in Family Court? 

  • Negotiation
  • Conciliation
  • Mediation
  • Pre-Trial Mediation Settlement
  • Conflict Resolution Conferences
  • Issue Focused Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Evaluations
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