Family Services FAQs: Part 7

09 Jan

19.  I have been referred to Family Services for a Comprehensive Evaluation. What can I expect at my first appointment? 
Your first appointment with the Family Relations Counselor may be a joint meeting with the other parent of your child (or children). At this appointment, you will talk about the concerns you have about your children and answer concerns that the other parent may raise.

You may also be asked to sign a release of information form that allows the Family Relations Counselor to collect information from other sources that are involved with your family, such as the children’s school, pediatrician, mental health professionals, and others.

It is important to:

  • Be on time for your scheduled appointment.
  • Bring your filled-out Comprehensive Evaluation Questionnaire. This form will be mailed to you before your first interview.
  • Only bring your child(ren) to the appointment if the Family Relations Counselor has asked you to do so.

20.  What is a Family Civil Intake Screen?
When a dispute regarding custody or access is referred to Family Services, a Family Relations Counselor will ask both parents a series of questions to identify the level of conflict and complexity of issues between the parents. The screening includes questions about:

  • current court orders
  • past and present parenting concerns
  • level of conflict between the parents

Some of the questions may not be about your case, but are asked of all parents who go through the screening process. This screen helps Family Services determine if mediation, conflict resolution conference, issue focused evaluation, or a comprehensive evaluation is the appropriate service to help the parents to resolve their conflict.

21.  I will be meeting with a Family Relations Counselor on a motion for child support. What can I do before the meeting to prepare? 
You should fill out a financial affidavit before meeting with Family Services. You can find this form at using the forms link on the right (JD-FM-6) You can also get this form at the Court Services Center in the courthouse. A Family Relations Counselor will help you and the other parent of your child (or children) to fill out a child support guideline worksheet.

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