Custodial Parent FAQs: Part 2

14 Jan

The Mission of Support Enforcement Services

The mission of Support Enforcement Services is to assist parents in securing financial and medical support for their children by providing quality services and information to the court, our customers, and the community in a courteous, efficient, and effective manner, that is sensitive to the contributions both parents make to their children’s development.

What services do we offer?

• Monitor compliance with support orders

• Locate noncustodial parents

• Enforce support orders through income withholding and contempt applications

• Enforce medical insurance and day care orders

• Review support orders for modifications

• Establish and enforce interstate support orders


Q: How does the SES contempt process work?


A: If the parent has the means to pay, SES can file an application for contempt to be heard by the court. We will send you a written notice when your court date is scheduled. At the court hearing a family support magistrate or judicial authority will determine if the non-paying parent knew about the court order, whether there was an ability to pay the order, and whether the failure to pay was willful. The family support magistrate or judicial authority may order a variety of things including lump sum payments to make up the missed payments and, in the most serious cases, jailing the non-paying parent until the child support is paid.

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