Custodial Parent FAQs: Part 4

16 Jan

Q: What is a medical support order?


A: A medical support order is a court order for either parent or both parents to provide health care coverage (1) through their employer, (2) through the state benefit plan under HUSKY Plan, Part B, (3) by an order for cash medical support, or (4) by an order for medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance or reimbursed in any other manner pursuant to the Connecticut child support guidelines. Medical support also includes an order to repay a percentage of any un-reimbursed health care costs.



Q: How is a medical support order enforced?


A: SES will notify your employer of the need to place your child on your health insurance plan (if a plan is offered) by mailing them a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN). In addition, any cash amounts associated with HUSKY reimbursement or cash medical may be withheld from your earnings through an income withholding order. Finally, you may be summoned to court if you do not pay your cash medical, HUSKY reimbursement or un-reimbursed health care cost orders.

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