Custodial Parent FAQs: Part 9

25 Jan

Q: Can the amount of my child support order be changed?


A: Yes, the court can change your order. SES has a process called “review and adjustment” which can assist you in getting your case before the court. SES will accept either a written or verbal request asking for a review of your order and we will start the review process. You may also hire an attorney or go to court on your own (self-represented).



Q: How does the ‘review and adjustment’ process work?


A: Upon receipt of your request, SES will mail you some forms to verify your income information. Complete and return the paperwork and we will start the review. Using the Connecticut Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines and both parties’ income, we will calculate a support amount. If your order is more than 15% different from our calculations, we will begin court action to change your order. Also, in limited situations, SES can help change orders if there has been a substantial change in circumstances since your order was set.

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